The current governing bodies in Solomon Islands that are responsible for the regulations surrounding the export of any tree crop is the Commodity Export Marketing Authority (CEMA), Biosecurity Department under the Ministry of Agriculture (BSI), Environmental Health Department under the Ministry of Health. They provide the necessary service that will allow an export from the Solomon Islands to outside countries through the service of issuing exporters with the minimum required documents for export.


The following are the different regulatory functions that CEMA is responsible for in the process of exporting any tree crop.

Regulatory Functions Descriptions

A. Export Licensing
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  • Administer prescribed commodities' export licenses, license conditions, procedure and documentations and fees.
B. Quality Assurance
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  • Commodities' Inspection and Grading Regimes
  • Commodities’ Quality Standards and Compliance. 
C. Other Certification
  • Commodities’ Quality Certification
  • Processing and Storage Facilities
  • Certification of Origins
  • Certification of Cleanliness
  • Certification of Readiness
  • Letter of Declarations
  • Organic certification, etc. [in future] 

2. Biosecurity Solomon Islands

From Biosecurity, the document needed for an export is the Sanitary or Phytosanitary Certificate and Biosecurity Export Clearance. The application form for the certificate can be accessed here: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Certificate Application Form.

Once filled in, you can turn in the application at the Ministry of Agriculture for processing and approval before you will be issued the certificate.

To learn more about why biosecurity is important, the regulations in relation to biosecurity and other important information surrounding this, visit the official biosecurity website by clicking on the image below.

Every importing country has different biosecurity requirements for incoming commodities, and it is the responsibility of the importer to communicate this to the exporter. Fumigation is a common requirement and this can be arranged through the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA).

The SIPA team consists of experienced fumigators and hold an Australian  licensed pest control certificate , have sat and passed the  AUSTRALIAN FUMIGATION  ACCREDIATION(AFAS) EXAMINATION . They are also authorized by the Solomon Island Government, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Bio security compliance  office to act as fumigator.

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3. Health Certification

The Health Certificate is another document that is required to be obtained when arranging an export. Some importers may request for it, others may not, but under the regulations here in the Solomons, it is a document that should be obtained for an export.

The application form for this certificate can be collected from the Ministry of Health under the Environmental Health Department. Once filled out, return it to the department for processing and approval before you will be issued the certificate.