Ricky Fuo'o

General Manager, Tropic Group Builders (TGB)

After graduating from University, Ricky started off his career by helping out his father Justin Fuoo in their family business Tropic Glass and Aluminium (TGA). In 2017 he became the General Manager of TGA and was given managing authority over sister company Tropic Group Builders (TGB).

This year will be his fifth year in the Gazing and Construction Industry.

Ricky did his foundation at the University of Queensland and later went to Bond University. In 2014, he graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Business Law.

Vision for the Chamber

“I raised my hands up for the Chamber of Commerce board because I am a proud Solomon Islander who has been a huge fan of the Chamber of Commerce and what it stands for. I believe the work the Chamber does is very important, especially in a country where conditions for operating a business is very harsh and lacks the support from the Government. I believe with a young, energetic and driven mind I can be of good help to the Chamber, to my fellow countrymen and women, and to this country.” 

Qila Tuhanuku

Vice Chair
Marketing & Corporate Affairs Manager, Solomon Breweries Ltd

Qila is the Marketing & Corporate Affairs Manager at Solomon Breweries - a current SICCI Platinum Sponsor and longtime member. Qila has been with SolBrew since 2013 first as a Marketing Executive. Prior to joining SolBrew in 2013 Qila worked in the RAMSI Public Affairs Unit under the Office of the Special Coordinator for 10 years. The Unit was responsible for overall strategic communications for RAMSI covering Development, Police and Military components of the mission.

Vision for the Chamber

“Solomon Breweries as a multinational business and a big contributor to the Solomon Islands economy, has a role to play in supporting broader private sector agenda that will enable sustainable growth for the sector. In this regard SICCI is the right platform to advocate for and drive these agendas.”

Louisa Bagaramu

Board Member
Chief Manager Economics, Research & Statistics

Louisa Baragamu is the Chief Manager within the Economics, Research & Statistics Department ( CBSI).
She took up the position since September 2021.
Louisa and also member of Economic Association of Solomon Islands. She’s been with CBSI for more
than 10 years holding various analyst and managerial positions. Louisa was a Co-opt member to SICCI
Board last year, 2021.

Vision for the Chamber

Promoting and supporting private sector interests by contributing towards SICCI objectives.


Frank Wickham

Board Member
General Manager, National Fisheries Development (NFD) Ltd 

Frank was chair of the previous Board’s internal sub-committee. He has been involved with SICCI since 2013 when his business became a member. In previous roles, Frank has been Head of School of Natural Resources at the then Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE), he was Project Manager at an EU Support Programme and he was a Capacity Development Advisor to SPREP in Samoa. NFD is also a Platinum Sponsor Member.

Vision for the Chamber

“To assist in delivery of the SICCI Objectives and contribute to supporting the interest of members.”


Namoi Kaluae

Board Member
Adkonect & Pacific Tenders

Namoi is a Co-Founder of Adkonect and Pacific Tenders a Marketing Agency in Honiara operating for 10 years. A former Gold Sponsor of SICCI and Award winner of the New Business of the Year Award at the 2017 SICCI Business Excellence Awards.

She is also Deputy Chair to St John Ambulance, Solomon Islands.

Vision for the Chamber

In the sudden change of events worldwide, I want to see SICCI remain dedicated to being a strong advocate for the SMEs and local business community. SICCI to continue help SMEs and local businesses thrive by creating variety of initiatives and valuable business opportunities. I want to support other Board members in continuing to be the voice for local business and industries in Solomon Islands.


Dr. Lazarus Saungao Tavichikai

Board Member 
ECALL Health Center 

Dr Lazarus founded ECALL HEALTH CENTER in 2014.

He graduated with medical degree from Fiji School of Medicine (University of the South Pacific) in 2001.  After serving 2 years as intern at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), he worked as a radiologist until 2012.

He is an Alumni of James Cook University, Australia, (Public Health & Tropical Medicine) and University of Sydney, Australia (Pediatric Medicine). Dr Lazarus is also a Board member of the Solomon Islands Medical and Dental Board and member of Solomon Islands Medical Association.

When not working his hobbies are creative, technological and scientific pursuits.

Vision for the chamber

“A stronger, active and engaging SICCI ready to take on new challenges”


Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman

Board Member
General Manager, SITCO

Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman was appointed General Manager of SITCO from January 2020. Kazi has been with the British American Tobacco Group since 2001 and has worked in different capacities in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Pakistan and Asia- Pacific Regional Headquarter in Hong Kong. Kazi has a strong track record of business turnaround, establishing Sales & Operational planning process at enterprise level and managing complex projects. Kazi has experience in managing large teams and implementing change management in multicultural environments. He has a knack for people development and takes pride in organizing development platform for talent from developing countries.
He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is an alumni of IMD, Switzerland and a fellow of Earthwatch, Europe, and sponsor of Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh and JAAGO foundation, Bangladesh. Kazi is now the GM for SITCO for a year now and an active member of Rotary Solomon Islands and is a Member of the Manufacturing working group of Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI).

Vision for the Chamber

“Together with other SICCI members, endeavour to support development of Solomon Islands through optimum collaboration between Government and Businesses. Key focus is to provide constructive suggestions to enable a favourable operative environment for businesses to flourish and enable businesses to contribute to and increase government revenue collection.”

Toby Griffiths

Board Member
Country Manager, Tradco Shipping

Toby Grifiths, 32, currently working as Country Manager at Tradco Shipping Limited, a shipping agency
representing two of the largest shipping lines calling the Solomon Islands.

Vision for Chamber

• Core focus on economic recovery. I think it is critical to get cash moving through the economy as soon
as possible, and to benefit from the resultant multiplier effect.
• Safety focus – with significant projects coming in, and above local content drive, would be good to
assist – if/where needed – on compliance of local companies with international EPC standards.
• With such rigorous international compliance regulations in place, could also look into broadening this
initiative to wider compliance and understanding of business/development critical areas, eg GDPR, International
Sanctions, anti-corruption/bribery, anti-competition/trust, etc. Could offer forums/trainings for members
and non-members, again if/where needed.
• D&I focus – SICCI is already a fantastic outfit in terms of diversity and inclusion around gender, age,
disability, and more. Think this is a vital drive for the whole community, and that it is important for the business
community to lead the way here. Keen to continue working from an already excellent base and not let this
fall down the priority ladder.
• Opportunity register for boarders re-opening. Much is desired but with investment confidence so low
we need to be realistic around what sources of cash flow will present themselves in the short and medium term
(other than Govt/donor funded projects), and prioritize resource to them appropriately.