Jay Bartlett

Director, Hatanga Ltd

Jay is a young visionary leader who has been the SICCI Board Chair since 2015. He was Vice Chair in 2014 and has been a SICCI member since 2013. As director of Hatanga Limited, Jay has over 10 years in the construction business and has served a number of Board roles.

Vision for the Chamber

“My vision is for SICCI to be an effective advocator and voice for our members and wider business community. To continue to strengthen and develop the relationship between the Solomon Islands Government and local businesses and all the other local, regional and international stakeholders that we engage with. Internally I’d like to continue to build on the achievements we have made to date as leadership team and office to ensure that we as an organisation are committed to meeting and exceeding members’ expectations and to ensure the viability and sustainability of the SICCI in the medium to long term.” 

Ricky Fuo'o

Vice Chair
General Manager, Tropical Glass and Aluminium (TGA)

After graduating from University, Ricky started off his career by helping out his father Justin Fuoo in their family business Tropic Glass and Aluminium (TGA). In 2017 he became the General Manager of TGA and was given managing authority over sister company Tropic Group Builders (TGB).

This year will be his fifth year in the Gazing and Construction Industry.

Ricky did his foundation at the University of Queensland and later went to Bond University. In 2014, he graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Business Law.

Vision for the Chamber

“I raised my hands up for the Chamber of Commerce board because I am a proud Solomon Islander who has been a huge fan of the Chamber of Commerce and what it stands for. I believe the work the Chamber does is very important, especially in a country where conditions for operating a business is very harsh and lacks the support from the Government. I believe with a young, energetic and driven mind I can be of good help to the Chamber, to my fellow countrymen and women, and to this country.” 

Belinda Botha

Board Member
Owner Operator, Dive Munda

Belinda is the owner operator of Dive Munda, a multi-award-winning SSI Instructor Training Centre business in the Western Province. Dive Munda has been an active member of SICCI since 2016.

Belinda is a senior human resources executive and an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in international Human Resources and Business Management encompassing project implementation and management, business consulting, managing culture and customs in developing communities, building partnerships, organizational development, performance, talent management, training and development in various industries – with the past 10 years in the tourism sector.

She’s operated in the tourism sector and dive industry in the South Pacific, North America, Africa, Caribbean, Europe and other developing countries, with various specialities.

Belinda established a track record in stakeholder management (private and public sectors) with firmly established relationships with key stakeholders including SIVB, MoCT, tourism operators, travel wholesalers and agents, journalist, travel writers, media, AHC, NZHC, WPTA, Solomon Airlines.

Vision for the Chamber

“My vision is really quite simple and encompasses three elements; to enthusiastically help to increase SICCI member representation in our provinces, add vibrant value to Board as tourism expert – validating the critical role the sector plays in resource protection and sustainable tourism development moving forward – and last but certainly not least, bring fresh, positive and passionate international expertise and female leadership to a phenomenal power house in the Hapi Isles.”

Daniel Tucker

Board Member
Country Manager, Kramer Ausenco (SI) Ltd

Daniel graduated from the Papua New Guinea University of 6 Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) in 2010 and worked as a Senior Civil Engineer for Kramer Ausenco (Papua New Guinea) Ltd before joining Kramer Ausenco (Solomon Islands) Ltd in January 2018. He is a member of IEPNG Papua New Guinea. Daniel has over 10 years’ experience spanning construction, design and documentation, project management, supervision and contract administration of projects of all types. Civil engineering design and documentation for projects in mostly Papua New Guinea. He has been involved in major projects undertaken by the Kramer Ausenco Ltd in PNG & SI on major ODA funded projects in the Health and Education sectors, Roads and Airport Infrastructure developments, Subdivision developments as well as Water and Sanitation developments. Daniel has been managing the operations for the Kramer Ausenco (SI) Ltd since 2018 and worked on various infrastructure projects within Solomon Islands in both the Private and Public Sector.

Vision for the Chamber

“As a Member of the SICCI Board, it is my vision and hope that through SICCI while working with the Board, I can advocate changes to facilitate the finalization and legislation of the current (Draft) Solomon Islands Building Code, necessary for improving the standard of infrastructure projects. I intend to provide support and advice to the SICCI Board for the benefit of our members especially in my field of expertise as an Engineer and in relation to initiatives that are primed towards improving the standards and best practices for the industry and to a larger extent the community; in infrastructure delivery and workmanship. In the next 4-5 years, with the Solomon Islands Government’s (SIG) intention to deliver major infrastructure projects, SICCI will have a major role in advocating improvement in standards as well as delivery, and I hope to be a participant in assisting these changes in my term as a SICCI Board Member for the betterment of both the Private and Public Sector.”

Craig Gibsone

Board Member
General Manager, Guadalcanal Plains Palm  Oil Limited (GPPOL)

Craig is serving his third term as a Board Member of SICCI after he was re-elected at the 2019 SICCI AGM. GPPOL is currently a 2018 Gold Sponsor Member and has been part of SICCI for many years.

Craig has been with GPPOL for the past nine years, previously as Plantation Manager and later Head of Plantations before he took up the position of General Manager.

Vision for the Chamber

“As a major employer and contributor to the Solomon Islands economy, I would like to continue the strong involvement that GPPOL has had with SICCI.”

Frank Wickham

Board Member
General Manager, National Fisheries Development (NFD) Ltd 

Frank was chair of the previous Board’s internal sub-committee. He has been involved with SICCI since 2013 when his business became a member. In previous roles, Frank has been Head of School of Natural Resources at the then Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE), he was Project Manager at an EU Support Programme and he was a Capacity Development Advisor to SPREP in Samoa. NFD is also a Platinum Sponsor Member.

Vision for the Chamber

“To assist in delivery of the SICCI Objectives and contribute to supporting the interest of members.”


Hilda Lamani

Board Member
Manager, Star Supplies Company 

Hilda is the Manager of Star Supplies Company Ltd, one of the subsidiaries of the country’s leading Newspaper, Solomon Star Company.  Her family has been in the Star Media business since 1982. 

She held a number of professional accounting and administrative contract positions within various organisations for 9 years since 2007 in Australia, Brisbane.

Hilda holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting and Business Law from the University of Southern Queensland and Diploma of Commerce from Queensland Institute of Business and Technology, Griffith University.

She currently serves as a board member of the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) representing Print Media 2019; previously served as treasurer of the Saint Andrews Anglican Church Board, Brisbane in 2015.

Vision for the Chamber

“My vision is to assists strongly SICCI in networking, connecting and growing relationships with more Solomon Islands business owners. Also, commitment to the SICCI board to be the voice of business for our people, professionally increasing the standard of more resourceful operations.  In addition, I would like to help SICCI address some issues in the business field by collaborating with business owners, local and overseas and the government for deeper insights into economic opportunities or investments for Solomon Islands.”


Bob Pollard

Board Member
Managing Director, KPSI & Pasifiki HR

Bob is the Founder and Managing Director of Pasifiki HR and Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands (KPSI) Limited, two companies with more than 40 employees. He is also a Board Member of Solomon Airlines and a founding member of Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) and a member of SSEC Campus Church and Panatina Valley community.

Vision for the Chamber 

“An organisation that serves its members by working with Government and stakeholders to improve the business enabling environment, targeting a few agreed priorities at a time. Together we are stronger, supporting each other and growing business and livelihoods.”

Qila Tuhanuku

Board Member
Marketing & Corporate Affairs Manager, Solomon Breweries Ltd

Qila is the Marketing & Corporate Affairs Manager at Solomon Breweries - a current SICCI Platinum Sponsor and longtime member. Qila has been with SolBrew since 2013 first as a Marketing Executive. Prior to joining SolBrew in 2013 Qila worked in the RAMSI Public Affairs Unit under the Office of the Special Coordinator for 10 years. The Unit was responsible for overall strategic communications for RAMSI covering Development, Police and Military components of the mission.

Vision for the Chamber

“Solomon Breweries as a multinational business and a big contributor to the Solomon Islands economy, has a role to play in supporting broader private sector agenda that will enable sustainable growth for the sector. In this regard SICCI is the right platform to advocate for and drive these agendas.”