Charles Persson

Advisor to CEO

Charles has been lucky to have lived and worked in a number of great locations in Australia, with his career taking him to Italy, South Africa, Taiwan and Malaysia. His background includes working in the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and building and construction industries in project, operations and general management.

He has a bachelor degree in civil engineering and a graduate diploma in strategic marketing.

Since May 2016 Charles worked with SICCI as a Business Analyst working closely with the CEO and the Board on strategy and planning. He was in Honiara on assignment with Australian Volunteers International, funded by the Australian Government.

The SICCI Board approved extending Charles’ role with the Chamber and he will continue to support the team and advise the CEO in 2017/18.



John Kanai Ta'amora

Advocacy Officer

John’s responsibilities as the Advocacy Officer mainly deals with driving the Chamber’s Advocacy plan 2015-2019. Part of this role is to do research that will help assist members of SICCI and the Solomon Islands Government in making better policies that are mutually benefiting. John joined SICCI in April 2017.

John aims to make Solomon Islands a better nation in his role through creating more job opportunities through the private sector, an important economic development driver in Solomon Islands. SICCI as the key organization representing the private sector would help Solomon Islands become great regionally and internationally.

He recently completed his Master of Arts thesis in International Affairs in February 2017 on Solomon Islands Foreign Policy and the Impact of RAMSI and has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Economics and Politics at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji.


Naomi Mara

Membership & Services Officer

Naomi drives the SICCI membership program and coordinates all SICCI events and training as well as the services and benefits SICCI offers for its members. Her role also includes sales and marketing. She joined SICCI in November 2017. 

Prior to her current position Naomi worked for the Youth@Work program in Honiara as part of the MEL (Monitoring Evaluation & Learning) team. She graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Social Science in 2017. 


Philip Lilomo

Media & Communications Officer

Philip is responsible for SICCI’s strategic plan in communications. He maintains the Chamber’s branding, design and graphic visibility, website administration, social media management and deals with the mainstream media contents. He also manages the flow of information in the SICCI network.

Philip is from Kolombangara in the Western Province and Small Ngella in Central Province.

Philip started a Journalism career with the Honiara-based Solomon Star Newspaper in 2008 and later joined the weekly publication of Sunday Isles Newspaper in 2010. In 2012 he was recruited by the Island Sun Newspaper as a senior journalist in their newsroom. In a span of over eight years in the mainstream media, Philip made his way up the newsroom department to become a sub-editor and the paper’s Sports Editor up until December 2015. After leaving Island Sun Newspaper, Philip worked mainly as a Freelancer before joining the Chamber.

He joined SICCI in June 2018.


John Wopereis

Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) Coordinator 

John is from Vella La Vella in the Western Province and part New Zealand.

John graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

In his role as the Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) Coordinator, it is John’s responsibility to encourage and empower young Solomon Islanders to become successful entrepreneurs.  

John works closely with the Government and relevant stakeholders to ensure that barriers holding back young Solomon Islanders are unlocked providing a better business environment for young Solomon Islanders to venture into business and succeed.

Youth make up the majority of our population, however, the opportunities and support provided to them is greatly lacking which causes countless issues for our country now and in the future.

John aims to drive positive change in our country and create a great platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to engage in business and overall contribute to the economic growth and betterment of our nation Solomon Islands. Youth hold the future of our country and it is his vision that through proper support, investment and perseverance our youth will stand up and engage in the ongoing development of the Solomon Islands.


Shaun Konaga

Administrative Manager & Finance Assistant Officer

Shaun Konaga manages the SICCI Office administration through reception, office and printing supplies, events management as well as assisting financial duties on salaries and finance records. She started with SICCI on September 2015 as an intern under the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) Youth@Work internship programme.    

Before Shaun joined SICCI, she was an assistant administration officer with the events company Mac Group and made her potential known during Mac Group’s preparation of the SICCI Business Excellent Awards in 2015. She worked closely with Mac Group’s event manager while at the same time on internship with SICCI. After three months of internship, Shaun was called for an interview with the SICCI CEO who offered a full time position of her current role.

In previous engagements, Shaun did volunteer work for the Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources and the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management & Meteorology. She graduated with a Certificate in Tropical Plantation Forestry and a Certificate in Environmental Science at the then Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE) now known as the Solomon Islands National University.

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John Paul Alasia

Export Industry Development Officer

John Paul Alasia oversees the Chamber’s agribusiness activities, the export industry and works closely with the Rural Development Program (RDP) and Pacific Horticulture Agriculture Marketing Access (PHAMA). His role involves engaging with the five industry working groups Cocoa, Coconut, Horticulture, Sawn Timber and Seafood.

John joined SICCI in May 2017. He previously worked as a Livestock Field Officer at the Taiwan Technical Mission Farm at King George VI in East Honiara in 2016.
He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture Applied Science at the University of South Pacific, Samoa in 2014.