Officials and guests who were part of the event

U.S SCALE Project is wrapping up its first program [Solomon Islands Strengthening Competitiveness, Agriculture, Livelihood and Environment – Trade and Investment Activity] in Solomon Islands.

A closing program brought together officials from private and public sector at Heritage Park on the 15th of March 2024 to mark transition and closing of the project.

 During the closing ceremony, the U.S. Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu was present at the program. Washington D.C based Activity Manager for SCALE Project, Mr. Daniel Guerini elaborated on the valuable lessons that the Scale Project brough to light.

“Three and half years ago, in late 2020 SCALE Trade and Investment was launched during the pandemic. This was a difficult time in our lives, showing the vulnerabilities in our supply chains, social safety nets, and the global economy in general. The project faced multiple challenges, from lockdowns to logistical difficulties and the inability to interact with key stakeholders.

“Despite this, SCALE Trade and Investment was determined to impact the livelihoods of Solomon Islands and facilitate new trade and investment linkages from the Solomon Islands to markets abroad,” he stated.

Mr. Guerin stated that SCALE program has achieved numerous goals such as the steps taken to streamline business and license process that led to increase transparency in Malaita Province, Supporting Solomon Islands Biosecurity with updating several outdated regulations, the development of Biosecurity Market Access Strategy, promoting cooperatives and developing an NQI policy.

He further added that SCALE Project also foster great partnership with Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Guerini added that the partnership helped to empower over 50 businesses with improved export capabilities and increased sales as well as marketing.

He continued to add that SCALE Project also worked with Solomon Islands Women in Business Association [SIWIBA] as part of women-led SMEs initiative encouraging women’s empowerment.

The partnership contributed enormously towards SIWIBA’s transformation after accomplishing organizational capacity assessment and conducting training of trainers for its members.

This achievement demonstrated the effectiveness of bilateral relationship between the United States and Solomon Islands.

Government officials acknowledged SCALE Project and United States for their contributions towards Solomon Islands.

Private Sector representatives also acknowledge SCALE Project says that the project has helped SMEs.

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