Facilitators and Exporters pose for a group photo.

MORE than 20 agricultural producers and exporters have undergone a series of trainings on the export value chains adding knowledge and understanding to processes and procedures to improve export of local products.

Representative from the private sectors, including the National Government, TradeCo Shipping & Freighting Solomon Islands as well as SINU School of Natural Resources were part of the two days training which conclude on Friday 2nd June 2023.

The training was on SPS, Transportation, packaging and Cargo designed to help exporters identify common issues relating to SPS in different markets and learn about important procedures and requirements in transportation, packaging, and cargo for their export products.

It was part of the ongoing series of export promotion training, USAID SCALE T & I in partnership with SICCI has been delivering to the private sector over the past months.

Nathan and Associates- a Cadmus group of company implementing the Trade and Investment component of the USAID SI SCALE program in Solomon Islands is facilitating the training through a trade expert who is in-country to conduct the training.

The training is built on successive training modules on RTA’s, Trade Finance, Payment methods, Market identification, TBT’s, and Export Business strategy.

As an implementing partner, SICCI values the trainings as it enhances the capacity of its members who are venturing into exporting local products overseas.

Chief Executive Officer of SICCI, Natalina Hong acknowledges USAID and their team of experts for delivering the training.

“SICCI would like to acknowledge the USAID and their teams of experts for the continuous partnership through training and sharing of international experiences with local agricultural producers and exporter ready business to realize their potentials,” she says.

Hong says, SICCI will continue to pursue opportunities for its membership in an effort to build the country’s private sector agribusiness to drive the growth of local economy in improving livelihood, trade and employment.

SICCI’s Export Development Industry officer, Ronnie Golopitu acknowledges SICCI members who turned up at the training.

He says SICCI in partnership with USAID SCALE T & I is pleased to facilitate the series of trainings over the past months.

Golopitu also acknowledges TradeCo Shipping and Freighting Solomon Islands for their presentation during the training.

“This is an important training that not only add value to help our members understand the process and requirements needed to export our local products but also a momentum to drive our agricultural sector forward.

“This is a beginning of a process that would improve the quality and quantity of local agricultural produces.

“I believe this training will boost our agricultural producers and exporters to pursue further amendments to their operation for greater benefits,” says.

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