Building and Construction Industry Working Group’s Committee

Thursday 06 July, Honiara - Building and Construction Industry Working Group (BCIWG) Sub-committee has appointed Ms. Namoi Kaluae as the Committee’s Chair.

A meeting was held on 30th June to kick start BCIWG’s yearly programs and activities.

The working group is established following a resolution and adoption by Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (SICCI) Board on 5th March 2020 in accordance to Clause 18.1 (k) of the SICCI Constitution.

The purpose of BCIWG is to provide a platform for informed decision from experts knowledgeable to Building and Construction opportunities and challenges.

In her short remarks, Ms Kaluae says she is honoured to be given this opportunity to lead the team in the next term.

She acknowledges experts who are part of the sub-committee and at the same time looking forward to working closely with them, other stakeholders and members of SICCI specifically those in the building and construction sector. She highlights that the focus now should be looking at the impact that the current ongoing infrastructure and development will do for our country and how we can continue to improve and grow as a nation creating a vibrant environment for everyone.

Former chair of the working group, Mr. Daniel Tucker says there’s a lot to be done in order to improve the building and construction standard in the country.

He says one of the achievements under his committee was the drafting of the country’s National Building Code Bill.

Tucker acknowledges DFAT, for funding which enabled experts with technical knowledge to lead the drafting of the National Building Code Bill.

“There is some hold-up in the progress of the National Building Code Bill simply because it is managed by two government ministries; the Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Lands.

“Ambition is to incorporate New Zealand and Australia building code standard to the country’s building code.

“What we are looking to is for the government to take onboard and pass the National Building Code Bill.

“Moving forward, we will work closely with Ministries responsible,” he says.

SICCI’s Advocacy Officer, Mr Elvis Bwaa says the meeting was successful as it allowed new members of BCIWG to understand the working group’s objectives.

He adds that the meeting enabled members to identify priority areas on which the working group will focus on for the benefit of the building and construction sector in the country.

The committee is yet to elect its vice-chairperson. It has been agreed during the meeting that nominations and election of vice-chair will be done in a later date.

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