The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) recognizes the need to support businesses and companies to better understand Government’s procurement process as the private sector plays a vital role in goods and services delivery to the Government and the people of Solomon Islands.

SICCI on Wednesday 3rd August 2022, organised another procurement training attended by more than 50 business representatives as part of an ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT).

This is the 6th procurement training the Chamber has hosted for its members since 2017 which delivers on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) MoU signed between SICCI and the Government.

In an opening remark, MoFT AG, Paula Uluinaceva highlighted that procurement is at the heart of the Government’s implementation of its policies and the private sectors are our key stakeholders in that regard. We therefore very much welcome this initiative by SICCI which is a good start and we expect similar workshops in the future.

Presenters included, Mr Leslie Penibanga, Assistant Accountant General for payments and procurement of MoFT, Dan Mwabumba, Procurement Adviser of MoFT and Philip Mauarofa, Secretary of Central Tender Board.  

Participants went through a series of presentations covering topics; Overview of SIG Procurement process, definition of Standard Bidding Documents (SBD), Purpose of SBD, Significance of SBD, Categories of SBDs used by SIG, Key structure of SBD and Bidding Process and Contract Management.

Mr Mwabumba said when it comes to Government procurement, it is important for members of the private sector to understand the process of securing tenders and submitting proper bids.

I believe that there are many quality suppliers out there. These are businesses and companies who have the capacity to provide quality services and goods to Government but miss out because they do not understand the process. 

It is important to note that SICCI through its membership have genuine businesses and we are looking forward to bringing them onboard to participate in all of Government procurement,” Mr Mwabumba said.

“That is the objective of this workshop to help businesses better understand basics government procurement processes,” he added.

SICCI Board member Dr Lazarus Tavichikai highlighted that good procurement and contracting is important to Government, contractors and our people.

The Government procurement process is an important relationship between government and businesses, which means more understanding and information sharing of each other’s needs and systems is vital.

“The private sector through the procurement process is always looking for solutions and ways to improve their products and service delivery to the public and see the training is an opportunity to better understand and apply the procurement process for both parties,” Dr Tavichikai said.

In the closing remarks, SICCI Membership & Services Officer, Simaema Neilsen acknowledge participants and Government through MoFT for their support.

“Your attendance signifies the importance of this workshop and continues to demonstrate the ongoing desire for greater collaboration between the Solomon Islands Government and the Private sector, through the Chamber of Commerce,” she said.

Ms Neilsen reiterated that such trainings helps bring SIG and the private sector closer to address issue of corruption in the procurement process and to create a more level playing field to allow genuine local businesses the chances to be part of the procurement process,” she added.

“Please utilize what you have learnt during this workshop to add value to your respective businesses and organizations.”

“As a Chamber, we are encouraged to see the business community maintain genuine interest in collaborating and working closely with the government through platforms such as procurement,” she told participants.

She thanked MoFT for accepting the training invitation.

“We are looking forward to further training partnerships of this kind from relevant Government divisions for our members,” she concluded.


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