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Ministry of Health receives the 11th NEGATIVE COVID-19 test results

The latest test result for COVID-19 in Solomon Islands has come back negative. This is the eleventh outstanding suspected case, with two more still pending. All eleven cases to date had been sent to Australia for testing

Work on Stimulus Package ongoing: PM

Officials in the Ministry of Finance and the Office of the Prime Minister are now consolidating information to develop a comprehensive COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package. Read more

Curfew proposed for Easter weekend

There will be no curfews this weekend as earlier highlighted, however, Government is proposing a curfew over the Easter weekend which is 10-13 April.

Further announcements will be made to confirm this and adequate notice will be given, a Government statement said yesterday (Friday 3rd)


Chamber News

Ensuring Government is aware of hardships businesses face

The Chamber is focusing on business experiences in these challenging times in ensuring Government and its relevant agencies are aware and taking note of the hardship businesses are currently going through. Read more

Another challenging year expected

“As the Central Bank has highlighted recently in their media statement, the impact of the global pandemic [ COVID-19) could potentially have far reaching impacts on our health, our economy and our way of life as we know it,” Chairman, Jay Bartlett, said in his remarks at the AGM on Wednesday 25th March. Read more


Expenditure Control Measures in response to COVID 19

The Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT) in its Circular 02/2020 outlined expenditure control measures in place as part of the Solomon Islands Government’s preparation and response to the COVID 19 pandemic. There will be drastic cuts in non-essential payments defined as payments not relating to COVID 19 pandemic activities. Read more


Business Continuity Planning tool produced by ACT/EMP

These are set of resources the ILO Employers Bureau has produced to support EBMO/NPSOs in responding to COVID19. The products have been developed so that you can tailor and localize as needed.

Tool #1: An employers' guide on managing your workplace during COVID-19

Tool #2: The six-step COVID-19 business continuity plan


National CIP January 2020

The Statistic Office this week released the National Consumer Price Index (CPI). Access it Here

Rising demand for betel-nut pushes up inflation

The country’s inflation better known as the change in the National Consumer Price Index (NCPI) has rose +5.1 percent to 112.4 in January 2020 with rising demand for betel-nut coupled with a general rise in prices of main goods and services have propelled the upturn. Read more



Chart shows National Consumer Price Index (CPI) percentage changes by CPI towns.


Auki & Gizo inflation drops as price drop for utilities

Two provincial towns have noted a drop in inflation in January with utilities being the main influencer to the fall. Read more





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