Our Telekom's Marketing Manager, Robertson Szetu explaining the expansion of 3G coverage to members of the local media.

Our Telekom continues to expand its rural mobile network with high speed 3G roll out for Guadalcanal, Makira, Isabel and Choiseul Province.

Our Telekom is ready to roll out more 3G cell sites across the country with tower installation work expected to begin on Guadalcanal in December 2018 followed by Makira, Isabel and Choiseul Province.

This is part of Our Telekom’s 2nd business transformation project, which started in 2017 with major upgrades for Honiara network and core mobile platforms and systems, introduction of 4G+LTE in Honiara in November 2017 and the completion of the rural high speed 3G network expansion for Malaita in September 2017 and Western Province in December the same year.

“I am pleased to announce that we are set to further expand the rural high speed 3G network into Guadalcanal, Makira, Isabel and Choiseul Province, with immediate work already underway for Guadalcanal,” said Loyley Ngira, Chief Executive of Our Telekom.

All tower components have arrived in the country for the Guadalcanal 3G network build. Tower locations extend from Visale in West Guadalcanal all the way to Marau, promising high speed 3G voice and Internet access for communities in this populated Guadalcanal expanse.

Our Telekom has now embarked on revisiting its 2G mobile network footprint initially established in the provinces, replacing 2G and also filling in access gaps with high speed 3G connectivity in places where previously there was no mobile coverage.

Ideally, we would like to reach each community and provide high speed connectivity, however in operational terms we need to work through each community and assess whether it is both practical and economical to deliver these services. Our Telekom is however committed to the longer-term objective of connecting our many islands with one nationwide network.

“Our Telekom continues to lead the industry investing millions of dollars in telecommunication infrastructure, paving the way for development, creating new possibilities and enabling economic activities to thrive in our rural areas through access to modern mobile voice and fast Internet services,” said Mr Ngira.

The expansion of high speed 3G network to more rural regions and provincial towns coupled with 4G+LTE presence in Honiara is also part of Our Telekom’s access network preparation to ensure customers are set to fully benefit from the arrival of the undersea fibre cable in 2019.

Our Telekom would like to acknowledge and thank the landowners in the country, especially for this next phase of 3G roll out in Guadalcanal, Makira, Isabel and Choiseul Province, for allowing their land in partnership with Our Telekom bringing in land rental income for landowners and jobs for village tower caretakers in the roll out of modern communication development for their communities.

--Our Telekom Press Release

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