The destruction in Chinatown as a result of the unrest in Honiara City in November.

Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI), as the peak body representing the private sector, is observing the current security situation in Honiara with great concern.

As the representative of the business community, SICCI in a statement urges everyone to exercise judgement and prudence in every action keeping the future of the Solomon Islands as outmost priority before anything else.

SICCI is shocked to observe the burning down of a school, police stations and multiple businesses. It is unfortunate and uncalled for that businesses especially wholesale shops have become targets of looting incidents.

We need to remind ourselves what we stand for as a nation. The Solomon Islands is known for its friendliness, human values and tolerance towards each other. We have come a long way as a nation over the years to put the ethnic divide behind us.

November's incidents are only taking the country backward by 20 years and hence should be stopped immediately.

It is natural to have political grievances in a democratic country. Parliament and/or other political settings are is the best place for those debates to bring resolution. We would request everyone concerned to keep the businesses and commercial operations out of these tensions.

SICCI humbly remind everyone the situation we have been going through for last two years due to the unforeseen challenges posed by Covid19 global pandemic.

As a country, we have already experience budget shortage, employment concerns and disruptions too. Political volatility on top of Covid19 crisis will only lead the entire country and its population to a deeper uncertainty.

For the sake of economic stability, continuation of employment and foreign investments SICCI would urge everyone to act with the best interest of the Solomon Islands in mind.

SICCI would also humbly remind everyone that the first lockdown earlier this year cost the economy millions of dollars.

We would request the government to consider adequate lead time for businesses and general public to prepare for lockdown with food and emergency supply.

SICCI is open to work closely with relevant authorities to get the country out of this crisis. We would again request everyone to stay calm and act with keeping the best interest of the country in mind.

About the author

Philip Lilomo is the Chamber's Media & Communications Officer. Philip writes most of the Chamber's media releases. He also manages the website contents, designs the Chamber's monthly newsletter, brochures and maintains the organisation's visual branding. 

Philip can be contacted on email: 

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