John Wopereis, Chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs Council Solomon Islands (YECSI) and Marketing Manager at Tongs Ltd, elaborates on his experience with the Directorship Programme. He explains how the programme gave him the frameworks for decision-making and set him up for his first stint at a Chairmanship position.

John was still Coordinator of YECSI when he attended the Directorship Programme in 2019. Fast forward to 2021, he is now the newly elected Board Chairman of YECSI.


John, why did you want to enrol on the Board Directors’ Programme?

I wanted to enroll in the programme as it was an opportunity to participate in a recognized Governance course to improve my knowledge on Good Governance in order to support me in working together with my Board at that time.

So, what were your expectations of the programme, and did it meet them?

With no prior experience in Governance and in my first role working together with a Board my basic expectation was that the course would provide me with the understanding I needed to make sure I was doing my role right. By understanding the fundamentals of Directorship and the role I played as the Captain of the Ship it really helped me to succeed in my role at the time as I took ownership of what I was doing knowing that my Board were playing their role looking toward the horizon.

What impact did the programme have on you: personally and professionally?

To sum it up I am now entering my first Governance position as a Chairman and I know for a fact the Directorship Training has built me up for this role as I am entering it with confidence and positivity in my role as a Chair. Personally, I feel our Nation has lots of space for improvement in terms of Good Governance, as a young upcoming Director I am passionate in ensuring I am practicing the values of good governance knowing the benefits it will create for our growing Nation.

And finally, what advice would you offer to anyone considering the Henley Board Directors’ Programme?

I highly recommend the course as it takes you through the key pillars of Directorship building your knowledge on the importance of Governance and how you can practice Good Governance. The course will prepare you for your future prospects and will set you on a path where you will have the confidence and capacity to join Boards or even lead them. This is the only Directorship course offered in the country and led by experienced facilitators from one of the least corrupt countries in the Worlds, that in itself shows you will definitely get a lot from this course.



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