Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare commended SICCI as the peak body representing private sector in the country.

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare has commended the role the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) is playing in representing private sector in the country and reaffirms the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement’s (DCGA) support towards private sector led growth.

Hon Sogavare made these remarks on Friday 31st May, 2019 during the Prime Minister’s Breakfast, an annual event hosted and organized by SICCI to give the Prime Minister the opportunity to formally engage and address the business community on a range of topics from policy priorities, updates on key infrastructure developments to generic themes.

The DCGA Government also used the event to reveal its 100 days policy priorities, in a form of a document launched by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister commended SICCI for its commitment in continuing discussions with Government through the Advisory Group, which comes under the MoU signed between SICCI and the Government in 2017.

“I believe this is an important platform where the Government and the private sector are able to share views and ideas on the best possibilities to improve the lives of our people,” Hon Sogavare said.

“The challenges, hopes and aspirations that the Chamber of Commerce have highlighted are indeed those of our people and the country,” he added.

The Prime Minister said his DCGA Government will pursue appropriate policy reforms as well as necessary legislative and regulatory reforms to ensure proper and effective mitigation actions are taken.

Hon Sogavare reiterated that Government appreciates and reaffirms that the private sector has always been and will always continue to be the main driving force for economic growth in the Solomon Islands.

“Government must support private sector led growth to ensure we can achieve our development ambitions.

“This is a very important partnership that must be properly and appropriately nurtured through the provision of sound investment environment,” the Prime Minister said.

SICCI Chairman, Jay Bartlett in response said: “As a Chamber, SICCI looks forward to building on interactions and platforms that we have developed over the years and seek to further strengthen the relationship that is shared between both Government and Business.”

“Our relationship is one I believe needs to function beyond political and commercial interests and underpinned by our collective commitment in building this great nation, to provide opportunities for our people and to fully realize our growth potential,” Mr Bartlett said.

Since the MoU was signed, there have already been six (6) Advisory Group meetings held between Government and SICCI representing the private sector to alleviate difficulties and create the best possible environment to nurture the private sector’s development.

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