Owners and representatives of sixteen (16) small businesses in and around Kirakira attended the four-day training on ‘Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting’ delivered by SICCI from 16-19 July 2019.

Following the success of delivering business trainings in Gizo, Western Province and Auki, Malaita Province in May and June earlier this year, the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) continues to extend its reach to help build the capacity of our province-based business operators.

From Tuesday 16 July to 19 July SICCI delivered its third provincial training for 2019, this time in Kirakira, the provincial capital of Makira/Ulawa Province.

Owners and representatives of sixteen (16) small businesses in and around Kirakira attended the four-day training on ‘Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting’.

The main objective of the training is to help business operators to improve their financial record keeping so that they can have reliable financial reports to help them in managing their business.

This is a powerful tool as it can also help in growing their operations or expanding their business, as sound financial records are a prerequisite for financing by say, commercial banks.

Martin Dallu runs an electrical shop in Kirakira and has been in business for ten years now.

“Personally, I think basic knowledge on bookkeeping and basic accounting is important especially for those of us operating business in the provinces because it helps us manage and to be aware of the performance of our businesses,” Mr Dallu said.

“This was one area of business I struggled with when I started but I’m happy to note that I have managed my business records similar to some of the areas covered in this training, only now I’m able to better understand some of the terms used,” he added.

Mr Dallu said the main challenge faced in the province is cash flow and how to manage it within your business.

Out of the sixteen (16) participates at the Kirakira training, there were nine (9) women, with all of them managing their own business.

One of them is Ms Regina Ikioa, who manages her family’s business which deals with gas appliances like cooking stoves and reselling of gas bottles [or cylinders] in the Kirakira township.

“This training has helped to broaden my knowledge on financial record keeping which will no doubt enable me to better manage our family business,” she said.

Like everywhere else in the country there are some challenges in doing business in Kirakira, and according to Ms Ikioa, transportation means and infrastructure connecting to supply and to markets, are the main ones.

“In terms of transportation, the shipping service to the province is not reliable and sometimes you can wait for weeks, even months for your next orders to arrive from Honiara.

“And when they do arrive, we do not have the basic infrastructure like a wharf to do our unloading and Kirakira really needs one,” she said.

SICCI Membership and Services Officer, Ms Naomi Mara says that SICCI sees the importance in providing an avenue for rural entrepreneurs to have access to trainings which will enable their businesses to grow and find out what other support is available through their Chamber of Commerce.

“This is because businesses in the provinces often lack access to business networks and support systems as compared to businesses in Honiara,” she said.

Ms Mara said SICCI will be delivering another business training in Munda in the Western Province for small businesses in Munda, Noro and surrounding communities.

The Munda training is confirmed to take place from 30 July 2019 to 2 August 2019 at the Agnes Gateway Hotel.

“This initiative needs both the commitment of SICCI and local businesses. We also rely on the networks between the local business community in Munda and Noro. To make the training pay for itself, we are targeting at least twenty participants,” she said.

The fee for this four-day training is $800 per person.

“This $800 fee is a good deal that will result in directly beneficial skills being transferred to participants,” SICCI Membership and Services Officer, Ms Mara, said.

SICCI would also like to thank its partner in facilitating these provincial trainings, the Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Centre (SISBEC).

For enquiries about the Chamber’s upcoming training in Munda, interested businesses can call 39542,email services@solomonchamber.com.sb or visit the Secretariat’s office at Hyundai Mall Suite 223.

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Philip can be contacted on email: media@solomonchamber.com.sb 

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