SICCI commends the people of Solomon Islands for participating in peaceful and orderly elections in 3rd April, 2019.

Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) commends Solomon Islanders for holding successful Parliamentary elections on April 3rd, 2019.

Chairman Jay Bartlett says the Chamber commends the people of Solomon Islands for participating in peaceful, orderly elections this week, and calls for more of the same during the formation of Government and election of the country’s next Prime Minister in the coming weeks.

Mr Bartlett also highlighted positively the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) under the leadership of Commissioner, Matthew Varley.

"It was encouraging to see the proactive preparations leading up to polling day. Particular mention must be made of efforts in maintaining visibility of officers that would promote security for the national general elections as well as hosting the counting for four constituencies of the East, Central and West Honiara constituencies, and the Central and East Central Guadalcanal Constituencies."

More than 1,700 RSIPF and CSSI officers have been deployed to provide security for the Electoral Officers who conducted the Election in the 50 Constituencies in Solomon Islands.

“I believe strong leadership in our police force in the lead up to the polling, set a positive professional tone that made a big difference,” Mr Bartlett said.

SICCI understands that the Police Operation Centre at Police Headquarters in Honiara monitored reports from the provincial forward commanders around the country and all provinces reported that thousands of voters cast their votes without any major incidents.

However, Mr Bartlett highlighted that polling day and announcements of election results is just the first step and appeals to Solomon Islanders for this good behaviour to continue through to the formation of a new Government and members' election of the country’s next Prime Minister.

SICCI joins RSIPF to appeal to supporters of all candidate to respect the outcome of the vote as they are announced.

SICCI Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms Atenasi Ata also urges Solomon Islanders to ensure peace and order in the wake of the polls, to maintain continued economic growth and investment.

It will take time for the new Government to take shape, and keeping the peace during this time would be important if the economy is to continue to grow, Ms Ata said.

“A peaceful election period is good for economic growth, jobs and employment and business for the country.

“SICCI is supportive of the RISPF and all Government entities in this next stage of Government formation and election of our next Prime Minister,” she said.

In his communication to SICCI, Police Commissioner Mr Varley said Police are also mindful that this is still early stages and that they are continuing to appeal to the community for continued support and a peaceful approach to celebrating results and winning candidates.

“We have made a decision to ban any victory float parades to avoid any safety risks for the roads but also disruption and concern to the community, particularly for Honiara city. This also includes float parades on our waters in the province. The RSIPF will maintain a highly visible police presence on the streets over the next few days to ensure peace continues,” he said.

In the meantime, SICCI congratulates the newly elected candidates who have won their respective Parliamentary seats following the election results announced on Thursday and Friday.

"SICCI ultimately works towards a vision of a better and prosperous Solomon Islands for all,” SICCI CEO, Ms Ata, said.

"As a nation, Solomon Islands still face many challenges and there is much hard work to be done. Those challenges include helping the economy to grow and maintaining the people's faith in government through a more open and transparent system. We have every confidence that, by continuing the current levels of close dialogue and consultation, we can build a genuine and constructive partnership with the new government that comes into office, that will serve Solomon Islands’ best interests" the SICCI CEO said.


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