Incoming SICCI CEO Atenasi Ata (left) Solomon Airlines CEO Brett Gebers and SICCI/IFC Gender Program Coordinator Ruth Maetala.

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) commends Solomon Airlines for its commitment to providing a safe and secure workplace for all employees where mutual respect is given and where there is zero tolerance for violence.

Solomon Airlines on Monday last week launched its Violence Policy which sets out the Airlines’ position on all forms of violence in respect of its employees both male and female.

For Solomon Airlines, this policy complements the separate Solomon Islands Sexual Harassment Policy.

SICCI’s Incoming Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Atenasi Ata and IFC/SICCI Gender Programme Coordinator, Ruth Maetala were present at the launch of the Solomon Airline Violence Policy launch.

Solomon Airlines is among 15 of the country’s largest companies who are part of the Waka Mere Commitment to Action, an initiative led by the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) and SICCI.

As a means of integrating gender equality in the private sector, Waka Mere companies can implement any of three component activities – promote women in leadership, build respectful and supportive workplaces and increase opportunities for women in jobs traditionally held by men.

Solomon Airlines as an action under its commitment towards Component Two is implementing this Policy at the workplace which helps them to take a structured approach.

“All forms of violence including domestic violence has the potential to negatively impact an employee which in turn affects business so I commend Solomon Airlines for taking this important step in preventing and reducing violence’’ SICCI Incoming CEO, Ms Ata, said.

She said it is important for companies to develop and implement such a policy with processes that include prevention and response plans.

“In addition, the assurance of a strong zero-tolerance approach towards violence in the workplace is very encouraging and contributes to the successful implementation of this document,” she said.

IFC/SICCI Gender Programme Coordinator, Mrs Maetala says Solomon Airlines is the first of the Waka Mere companies to launch its Violence Policy.

“One year ago, this milestone would have never been possible, however, with Solomon Airlines’ hard-working HR team and your Domestic Violence contact team this policy is now a reality.

“I urge the company to continue in its leadership pursuit and the spirit of excellence to continue in its development and implementation of this policy,” Mrs Maetala said.

The Airlines’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brett Gebers says the most important part of having a Violence Policy is the implementation part.

“Solomon Airlines finds all forms of violence unacceptable; whether it is sexual, physical, emotional, economical or stalking and will be proactive in the prevention and reduction of the risk of violence,” Mr Gebers said.

The Policy provides a proactive guideline in preventing and reducing the risk of violence in the context of:

  • Subordinate/superior relationships
  • Intimate partner relationships including de facto, marital or partner
  • Non-intimate partner relationships, such as co-workers
  • Parent/child relationships
  • Violent acts of others that could potentially occur within the workplace, including customers
  • Acts of violence, which are not workplace or intimate partner related but which have a negative impact on an employee which affects performance

The Policy covers workplace violence and non-workplace violence.

Solomon Airlines is a long-time member of the Chamber of Commerce and a current platinum sponsor.

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