(From right to left) Incoming SICCI CEO Atenasi Ata, MASI President Charles Kadamana, Outing SICCI CEO Dennis Meone, SICCI Board Treasurer Joseph Huta, YECSI Chairlady Millicent Barty and Media and Communications Officer Philip Lilomo.

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) through its Media and Communications Department hosted an Information Session for key media workers and members of the local mainstream media on Friday 26 October 2018 at the Heritage Park Hotel.

The Media Networking Session was aimed at bolstering the relationship with media professionals, providing a platform to better understand the Chamber’s role in the private sector, and exploring how SICCI can effectively communicate to its stakeholders.

Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) President, Charles Kadamana was guest speaker at the event which was also attended by Board Chairman of the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC), Robert Iroga, SIBC’s General Manager, Ronald Buaoka and members of the mainstream media.

The highlight of the evening was the team presentation of SICCI’s different departments from the Media and Communications Officer, Advocacy Officer, Membership and Services Officer, Export Industry Development Officer (EIDO), Coordinator of the Young Entrepreneurs Council Solomon Islands (YECSI), Gender Programme and Administration and Finance Officer.

Since 2016 SICCI has held two Information Sessions per year. The first for Media and Communications Officers and Public Relations Officers from Government ministries, and a separate session for the mainstream media.

SICCI CEO, Dennis Meone highlighted that an important part of the Chamber is to build critical and meaningful partnerships with other important institutions and stakeholders.

“As part of the media plan – we are always looking at creating relationship and better understand how other stakeholders work – at the same time using the opportunity to inform others of what we do and how we can work together,” he said.

Mr Meone says media especially through the role of MASI and its members play a vital role in the economy not only in informing the populace on current affairs and news but also can be a conduit for provoking and facilitating high level policy discussions on key fundamental issues facing the country.

“As the fourth key element of the state – the media is very powerful and with it comes great responsibility to be ethical and to do the right thing.

“This event is about informing the media about the role of the Chamber of Commerce and the work we do on behalf of the private sector, and explore how we can better work together,” the CEO said.

SICCI’s Media and Communications Officer, Philip Lilomo says driving the Chamber’s branding and awareness through the use of various media outlets includes thoughtful, strategic, and continuous planning.

“One of the best ways to accomplish this is to proactively develop positive and meaningful relationships with the media - reporters, announcers, writers and journalists.

“These partnerships should and can be mutually beneficial, positive and supportive for all parties involved,” Mr Lilomo said.

“I like to think that the Chamber has a positive and frank relationship with the media and we continue looking forward to working closely with the media,” he added.

MASI President, Charles Kadamana said SICCI has demonstrated an inclusive relationship with the media and this is evident from the consistent publicity and broadcasting of SICCI matters through press releases and uptake of issues highlighted as well as invitation of media personnel to SICCI events.

Mr Kadamana said media and SICCI like any other organizations has the responsibility to make Solomon Islands a better place for all citizens.

“Through networking we can openly share our challenges and experiences and identify how we can assist each other to fulfil our vision, mission and objectives in order to make a difference for our country,” he said.

Friday’s event ended with a networking session where members of the different media organizations in the country interacted amongst themselves and had the opportunity to meet members of the SICCI Team.

About the author

Philip Lilomo is the Chamber's Media & Communications Officer. Philip writes most of the Chamber's media releases. He also manages the website contents, designs the Chamber's monthly newsletter, brochures and maintains the organisation's visual branding. 

Philip can be contacted on email: media@solomonchamber.com.sb 

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