SICCI Board Member Toata Molea welcomed participants on behalf of the Chamber with high acknowledgement toward the government’s support.

SICCI-SIG holds second procurement workshop for private sector

More than 50 business including members of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) took part in a procurement training exclusively aimed for businesses in the construction sector.

The procurement training is the second since its launch in November 2017 and an ongoing collaboration between SICCI, MOFT and the Australian Government.

The workshop “Construction, Procurement and Government” was attended by a large a range of private sector representatives in the construction business and was joined by the Minister of Infrastructure Development (MID) Hon. Stanley Sofu, Acting Permanent Secretary of MID Jimmy Nuake and a number of government officials.

Hon. Sofu while giving the opening address said Thursday’s workshop delivers on the Memorandum of Understanding signed in July 2017 between SICCI and the Government.

“I strongly commend the Chamber for this very important initiative,” the Minister applauded.

“It is particularly important that our contractors understand how Government executes its procurement framework, what you as contractors need to know so you can fully and properly respond and deliver the infrastructure – whether it is new roads, bridges, wharves, school classrooms, and health centers, and their ongoing maintenance, throughout the Solomon Islands.”

He said approximately 60 percent of the Governments Budget is spent through the procurement system of which a very significant amount is spent on new infrastructure and maintenance.

In the Ministry of Infrastructure Development approximately 80 percent of its Budget is spent through the procurement system.

“Good procurement and contracting is important to Government, contractors and our people,” Hon. Sofu added.

Presenters at the workshop include Timothy Watekary, the Government’s senior procurement officer; Patrick Mannix, the Team Leader of MID’s Central Project Implementation Unit responsible for implementing the National Transport Plan; Layten Jacob the Acting procurement manager from the Ministry of Health and Human Services; and Dr John Blunt, the Australian High Commission’s Procurement and Contract Management Adviser.

SICCI Board Member Toata Molea welcomed participants on behalf of the Chamber with high acknowledgement toward the government’s support.

“Your attendance this morning signifies the importance of this workshop and continue to demonstrate the ongoing desire for greater collaboration between the Solomon Islands government and the Private sector, through the Chamber of Commerce,” said Mr Molea. 

“Procurement is an important element within the Public Financial Management Framework and one that the private sector is and should be interested in.

“Mainly because – we the private sector through the procurement process, provides and supply goods and services to the Government and the people of Solomon Islands.”

Participants went through a series of presentations covering topics; overview of the Solomon Islands procurement system, understanding what the government wants and expects, effectively response to tenders, Evaluation, Approval, Awarding and performances.

SICCI CEO Dennis Meone joined Toata in applauding the government for wanting to get closer to businesses and in explaining the government procurement process through the workshop.

“We look forward to holding more procurement workshops throughout the year but with the direction and support of the SI procurement working group,” said the CEO.

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