SICCI CEO Dennis Meone was honoured to present awards to the government workshop participants.

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) has applauded the Government’s network program for the media, public relations and information departments of the public sector – a workshop designed to improve the government’s communications strategy.

SICCI CEO Dennis Meone made the remarks after attending the first of its kind “Inter-Government Networking Workshop” organised by the Government Communications Unit (GCU) with driving support from the Office of the Prime Minister through the Press Secretary.

“It’s very assuring to see that the government is stepping up efforts to improve and strengthen its communications strategy by means of a stronger network of media people within the government ministries,” said Mr Meone.

“Information such as data, research findings, news reports and statistics provided by government is very helpful for businesses and having a consistent and effective flow of these information will have a great impact to the growth of the private sector.

“I applaud the Office of the Prime Minister and the Government Communications Unit for moving this forward.”

SICCI remains strongly supportive to existing partnerships created with a number of government ministries who have been feeding businesses with government information through the SICCI network channel.

SICCI Media & Communications Officer Ernest Ta’asi also echoed similar sentiments. "It is an exciting time for stakeholders and we look forward to working closely with our media colleagues in government.”

Since 2016, SICCI held two successful media sessions of its own with government information and media officers on the same objective.

SICCI’s government media session is aimed at bolstering the relationship with government media professionals, providing a platform to better understand the Chambers role in the private sector, and exploring how SICCI can effectively communicate to its stakeholders and vice versa.

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Ernest Ta’asi is the Chamber's Media & Communications Officer. Ernest writes most of the Chamber's media releases. He also manages the website contents, designs the Chamber's monthly newsletter, brochures and maintains the organisation's visual branding. 

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