A visiting photographer pose with traditional dancers from New Britain in PNG at the Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival hosted in Honiara from 1-10 July 2018.

The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) has applauded the Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) for the successful hosting of the 6th Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival (MACFest) from July 1-10 at various venues in Honiara.

SICCI’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dennis Meone applaud the Permanent Secretary, Andrew Nihopara, and the National Organizing Committee including his team at the ministry for a splendid job in successfully hosting the regional event despite the numerous challenges faced.

More than 1500 delegates from all over Melanesia converged in Honiara to celebrate Melanesia’s rich culture and heritage during the MACFest which ended with a memorable closing ceremony yesterday 10th July 2018.

Mr Meone said from what the country has witnessed these past days the MACFest has truly lived up to its significance, which is to help young people maintain and conserve their unique art and culture and instil a sense of pride in their identity as Melanesians.

From a business perspective, the MACFest also provides economic benefits, gathering revenue for the host country in terms of the visitors’ arrival and the increase in economic activities.

Mr Meone said by hosting the MACFest, Solomon Islands as a country and its Government have brought together Melanesian people of different views, skills, knowledge and backgrounds together to ensure that our culture and traditions live on for generations to come.

The event has brought together key stakeholders from both government and private sector through the national organizing committee in working together to making it a success.

The theme of the 6th MACFest – “Past Recollections; Future Connections” – reinforced the significance of the festival as a time to reminisce about their history and cultures while at the same time connecting as one people in diversity.

The idea was conceived by leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group in 1995, with Solomon Islands hosting the first MACFest in 1998. MACFest takes place every four years.

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