Alex Haro (left), Woodford School's Director of Community & Wellbeing and Neil Nuia who is Membership & Services Officer of SICCI.

Woodford International School in partnership with the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) will host a Careers Market initiative, a programme designed to exhibit post-school training and employment options for students.

The Careers Market is the first of its kind with preparations underway for the programme to be held on 31st May, 2017 at the school’s sports ground.

The programme will include an exhibition of businesses from the Chamber, with stall displays set up around the field and presentations made by key speakers.

The theme for the Careers Market is “Inspiring and empowering students to shape their future and achieve their dreams”

“The Careers Market has been initiated to provide much needed information on post school training and employment options as well as information in support services available for our community,” said Alex Haro, the school’s Director of Community & Wellbeing.

“The primary audiences for the event are Secondary Schools in Honiara, parents and guardians and students from Forms 5 to 7.

“There may also be interested students from upper Primary and Middle Schools as well as employers and community members,” he added.

The event however is also open for the general public’s attendance.

SICCI Membership & Services Officer, Neil Nuia said the Chamber sees the importance of empowering students and young people with the business community.

“The Chamber plays a role in ensuring successful entrepreneurship is pursued and reached by every means possible – including education for our children who are our future leaders,” said Nuia.

Nuia is responsible in overseeing all SICCI events and works in co-organising the Careers Market with Woodford International School.

Among other education institutes, Woodford is a member of SICCI.

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